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What We Do
      A full Aggregate Hauling  service!
Nolan Star Trucking, LLC, founded in 2015, specialise in the trades, labor and construction Transport of Aggregate materials within the Great State of Texas area. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most responsive, professional delivery service available on the market today. Our staff and contractors are experienced and qualified in a range of small and large scale in construction fields. Our company is a customer based company meaning that we conduct our business in whats best for our customers and complete things in the manner that the customer would like them done. Furthermore We own our own materials and deliver them within.
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Our Services
We are a staff of trained and experienced contractors.
  1. Construction
    We specialize Delivery of aggregate materials to construction sites. We can get any variety of aggregate materials that construction companies require to complete a job and ensure that delivery is made in the specified time agreed on. Give us a chance to become a team member with your company assist in getting your aggregate material needs met.
  2. Civic services
    During the 2016 Flooding in Rosenberg, Tx we dispatched our employees to assist in the national flooding and rebuild our great town to help the effected individuals of our town. Our number one goal is to ensure that our humanity comes first and life restoration is complete.
  3. Readymix Delivery
    We have several years in the readymix business and are prepared to meet the high demand of delivery of sand and gravel to your plant. We know theres so much competition out there but what makes us different is ensuring that your our priority.
  4. Individual Jobs for the normal everyday customer.
    At Nolan Star Trucking, LLC one of our goals and priorities are to remember where we came from "The Bottom", That is why we take any job big or small. We want our customers to remember that just because they live on a farm in need some type of material to fill their driveway or their property they are not small to us. The normal small time customer is our best part of us and is always our priority.
Aggregate Hauling
Aggregate Hauling takes a special skill and demands that the professional driver know what he is doing and how he is doing things. If you rush in dumping or dont pay attention in what your doing it can cause serious damages to others as well as yourself.
We ensure that safety is a number one priority. Aggregate Hauling is a special type of skill and demands for a special type of person. At Nolan Star Trucking, LLC we professionalism is a number one goal of ours.